Tesla Invention Of Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy generatorIt is no secret that Sir William Crookes was the mastermind behind the discovery of Radiant energy properties. His discovery took place in the year 1875, and since then has prompted others into farther experimentation with solar uses. One scientist Nikola Tesla made some interesting discoveries concerning electrostatic charges and their results. His persistence led to the invention of light that we now call radiant energy. Tesla radiant energy discoveries showed that this type of energy was easily transferable from one place to another. He also proved that light traveled almost the same way as sound does, by sign waves.

Nikola Tesla works with Radiant Energy

His discoveries led him to invent light systems and motors that ran by electricity. This was indeed a time for celebration. However, when 1934 came along, another inventor by the name of Thomas Henry Moray invented a 50,000-watt box that was being powered by radiant energy. Later, Gray would make an even larger discovery, which would lead to the electric motor, which was energized by an 80-horse power radiant energy generator. The system could keep its own batteries powered, while it was still putting out power on the end. With all of these inventions to build upon, in the 1980’s Baumann a Switzerland scientist was able to invent a large amount of “Testatika” machines, which was able to run on their own power.

Radiant Energy is Free Energy

Even later, other inventors came along and began to improve, add to, and build upon the start of something amazing. The history of this old but newly found energy has proven to be a remarkable discovery. The ideal of free energy is probably an electric company’s worse nightmare. However, none of these inventors could have been as successful as they had been, if it had not been for one inquisitive pioneer. Tesla was a born genius in his time, as his timely discovery in 1882 of a powerful rotating magnetic field proves to be useful, even today. People all over the world are enjoying one of his greatest inventions the AC power source for electric outlet use. He was a man of the past with a vision for the future.

His inventions have been the starting point for wireless remote control, fluorescent light, super-charged engines and more. Thanks to his ingenuity, the world now knows that energy can be transmitted underground from one country or state to another. Tesla spent countless hours testing and proving that radiant energy was just another source of free solar energy.