What Is The Sky4Energy Radiant Energy Generator?

sky4energy radiant energy generatorIt is significant that environmentally friendly and sustainable energy systems similar to Sky4Energy are being developed continuously. The Sky4Energy is actually a set of plans for the harnessing of radiant energy which can then be used in your home for appliances and electronic products. There are various renewable energy generating solutions currently available but the Sky4Energy radiant energy receiver is quite unusual.

We can produce quite large amounts of electrical power from the sun itself using solar power systems. Working with wind generators it is possible to easily capture the power of wind currents from the natural environment practically all day and night.
Utilizing underwater turbines we’re able to utilize powerful water currents from the oceans to generate electricity much like wind turbine systems all year round.

What’s different about Sky4Energy radiant energy?

Well when you use solar panels the cost of the equipment generally increases, and before you know it your total cost has skyrocketed. We must also take into consideration the fact that the solar panels generate far less energy during the night hours and of course on dreary cloudy days and so the energy output is not a constant or steady supply.

Wind generators are excellent but they also can be relatively cumbersome if you need a lot of energy. However wind will generate a more regular flow of electrical power as compared to solar panels but wind speeds will always vary rapidly throughout time, resulting in an unreliable source of power.

Finally under water generators are excellent and will generate virtually constant power throughout the year. Having said that unless you live close to a powerful water current whether in the ocean or near a waterway then you may as well forget it.

What is Radiant Energy though?

Basically, radiant energy emanates from the energy behind the electro-magnetic waves. They come from sources of radiation, such as the sun and it surrounds us all of the time. The only problem with radiant energy as a solution to the energy crisis is the fact that there aren’t efficient large-scale electrical generator designs that could make use of all this energy.

Many small-scale radiant energy generators have been developed from early prototypes, several stemming from patents of Nikola Tesla. These kinds of small-scale devices are brilliant for personal use but don’t presently work when scaled up which is unfortunate since it offers so much opportunity.

Sky4Energy contains plans for a small-scale radiant energy generator that will produce adequate energy for the average sized home. Sky4Energy is simply one of many alternative solutions for energy-efficiency that is available at this time but it’s truly the most effective and frequently overlooked.