We Shouldn’t Let Fossil Fuels Run Out Before We Act!


It’s the so-called fossil fuels that consist of most of the energy we consume – natural gas, oil and coal. Once exhausted, these fuel sources will be permanently gone. We have been utilizing them for so long, and in such large quantities, you would never even realize that there are only limited amounts left. As they don’t take up a lot of room for their usage, and they have been quite inexpensive up until now, that is why these forms of energy have been mainly used. Our ability to quickly transport them from one location to another is another thing.

To switch over to natural, renewable resources we should make a few accomodations. The concept behind utilizing natural renewable resources, is that they will not be exhausted. That way, however much we consume, there will be many benefits, and the earth won’t be destroyed. By allowing this to happen with the use of new energy sources, the future generations will have an opportunity to live better than this one. What we need is products that can utilize the energy derived from these renewable resources. It’s only coincidence that we rely on gasoline to run our vehicles; it just happened to be the most effective fuel available at the time, and we’ve never changed.

For car makers to accept a changeover will require a lot of convincing through research and tech advancements. Change is tough to come by, so we have to reach for technological solutions if we want better sources of energy. No one contends that, in the long term, natural, renewable energy sources beat the tar out of fossil fuels. The environment has been damaged for a lot of years now, with the use of fossil fuels, including coal and gasoline. It appears to be a no-brainer – switch to renewable energy sources, be less dependent on non-renewable sources of energy from other nations, and have healthier air for future generations.

Alas, there are those who profit from the status quo and declare every new source of energy to be impossibly unpragmatic. They don’t want to use the sun, the best source of energy in the solar system, because it doesn’t shine every day, night and day. There are numerous areas where the sun is blocked by the clouds for days on end. When this happens, the energy coming from the sun cannot be collected. The same issues may be said about using water, or the wind. While the wind will vary, and not be able to be forecast, there is all the same no reason that it can’t be utilized, in a significant way, to provide power.

Yes, there may be times when the power received is not sufficient; in those times, fossil fuels can be employed as backups. This sort of approach to our energy needs provides assurance that we won’t run out. This makes a lot more sense than waiting until fossil fuels are exhausted.