Does Sky4Energy Truly Work?

sky4energyAlternative energy generators are nothing new in the field of renewable energy. Alternative energy ranges from the power of the wind, sun, and sometimes even magnets, yes magnets. Sky4Energy claims to be able to turn unusable abundant energy in our world into usable forms of electricity. But what the heck is this mysterious source anyway? How come we haven’t used this power to power everything in o

This mysterious power is called radiant energy. Radiant energy comes from the electromagnetic waves that are not visible. These electromagnetic waves surround and envelop us daily. They range from radio waves to ultraviolet waves. These waves are not necessarily untapped as things like microwaves are used to heat our food and x-rays are used to look inside the human body. But converting these waves into electricity is something new, a recent idea in the world of alternative energy.

Developments have taken place and radiant energy is steadily becoming a new source of power. Because of the complexity of expanding working radiant energy generators without expensive materials whose prices increase exponentially as it becomes bigger, there is still going to be a few years or even decades before these energy generators can become a large-scale source of alternative energy. However, the smaller radiant energy generators are nothing to be scoffed at.

Only a few independent energy companies have completed working models of the small-scale radiant energy generator. The only small-scale radiant energy generator that has been perfected is from the Sky 4 Energy plans. Sky 4 Energy is an independent energy research company headed by an energy specialist who has devoted his life to discovering the best methods of obtaining free energy without the use of perpetual motion.

So does it really work? I decided to embark on my journey of DIY alternative energy recently. I bought the plans about 3 months, after caving in from reading so many alternative electricity scientific articles. I said what-the-hey and began to build the generator. I was skeptic at first but once I built I was surprised. There were no problems and I was able to power my cell phones (HTC touch 1 and 2 and an old Samsung phone) and all of my stuff after it powered up. So far I’ve saved about 50% on my electricity bill. It’s not too shabby for my first few months with this thing. So is Sky 4 Energy really a scam?

Is it really the Sky 4 Energy scam? I don’t think so in my experiences. In fact, I would recommend this to anyone because it was so damn easy to build!

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