Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy From The Sky

Radiant EnergyRadiant energy is simply energy created from electromagnetic waves.  It is also used to describe energy in the areas of heating, lighting, radiometry and solar energy as well as in other fields like telecommunications.

As many people turn to alternative sources of electricity, they consider possibilities such as Radiant energy from the sky.  The prospect to Harness the power of radiant energy is attractive to many because it may not only save money on electricity costs but also causes less harm to the environment.

Types of Radiant Energy Generation

Radiant heating from infrared lamps or absorbed from the sun is used in radiant energy generation.  When absorbed from sunlight, the energy heats water, which is released through warm elements such as floors, overhead panels and walls so that it heats people and objects rather than the air.  Radiant energy can flow through open systems whether they are man-made like a solar energy collector or already found naturally in the planet’s atmosphere.  This is the energy sources such as sky4energy relies upon to create inexpensive energy for homes.
Sources like Sky 4 Energy help consumers make their own radiant energy generators that are powerful enough to send electricity through a whole house.  This system works both day and night and provides energy that is clean, free and virtually unlimited.  Furthermore, it is a safe alternative to conventional electricity.  Even though these systems are made for the do it yourselfer, they are relatively easy to build so those with no technical skills can build their units with the right tools and instructions. Continue reading

A Radiant Energy Generator You Can Build Yourself To Cut Your Electricity Bills

History of the Radiant Energy Generator

Radiant Energy Generator Patent The notion to harness science to create a Radiant energy generator as a source of power to make machines work arose, not surprisingly, from the thinking of Nicola Tesla and was fleshed out to certain extent by Dr. T. Henry Moray, a resident of Utah who began his tinkering as a 9 year old. Moray was an electrical engineer several decades younger than Tesla and actually created a device that seemed to work.

Radiant Energy Theory

The theory upon which both men worked were the existence of otherwise untapped energy potential that existed in cosmic rays emitted by the sun; it could also be called radiant energy. In this theory, the earth’s atmosphere separates the positive energy of the rays from the negative potential of the earth. Lightning strikes seem confirm this theory.
Moray expanded upon Tesla’s work when he created his device, which was about sixteen inches square and thirty inches long. Using an antenna, transformers and capacitors, Moray stimulated radiant energy oscillations to create an energy flow; it produced fifty kilowatts and the demonstration went on for several days. He was able to light up a large number of bulbs and a flat iron; nobody was able to find a battery or other power source that could otherwise explain this output. This was in the 1920′s. Continue reading