A Radiant Energy Generator You Can Build Yourself To Cut Your Electricity Bills

History of the Radiant Energy Generator

Radiant Energy Generator Patent The notion to harness science to create a Radiant energy generator as a source of power to make machines work arose, not surprisingly, from the thinking of Nicola Tesla and was fleshed out to certain extent by Dr. T. Henry Moray, a resident of Utah who began his tinkering as a 9 year old. Moray was an electrical engineer several decades younger than Tesla and actually created a device that seemed to work.

Radiant Energy Theory

The theory upon which both men worked were the existence of otherwise untapped energy potential that existed in cosmic rays emitted by the sun; it could also be called radiant energy. In this theory, the earth’s atmosphere separates the positive energy of the rays from the negative potential of the earth. Lightning strikes seem confirm this theory.
Moray expanded upon Tesla’s work when he created his device, which was about sixteen inches square and thirty inches long. Using an antenna, transformers and capacitors, Moray stimulated radiant energy oscillations to create an energy flow; it produced fifty kilowatts and the demonstration went on for several days. He was able to light up a large number of bulbs and a flat iron; nobody was able to find a battery or other power source that could otherwise explain this output. This was in the 1920′s.
Moray was hardly a crackpot. In 1931 he attempted to patent a device he called the Moray valve but his application was denied because he used a cold, rather than a heated cathode, which was not in accord with then generally recognized scientific principles; he also refused to divulge the power source. Ultimately some of his papers relative to this device ended up at Bell Labs which apparently used his work to develop the transistor in the 1950′s.

Radiant Energy Generator Plans

<sky4energy is one internet website offering plans for a free energy generator. A visit to that site reveals that the aim of the system is to tap into energy contained in radio and television waves that permeate the atmosphere, which is largely the same principle upon which Nikola Tesla and Moray based their work. The offer is for plans that use familiar parts and materials so you can build an energy generator for yourself. Some sites include the disclaimer that professional help may be necessary; this is a good idea since electricity is involved and accidents happen. The sky4energy site offers several free books about energy use and conservation and the price seems to be very fair; however, clicking off the site may require shutting down your browser

How to use Radiant Energy

Infrared light can be felt but not seen; it is the warmth you experience when you step into the light of the sun. That is one answer to the question about how to use radiant energy. But the theories of Tesla and Moray and the “black box” Moray created to demonstrate feasible use of his work tell us that using energy generated by the sun need not be limited to solar collectors or passive solar buildings; this history shows us that actually creating electricity, seemingly out of thin air, can happen.

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